One Lovely Blog Award Nomination



The Rules:

  • You must thank the person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.
  • You must list the rules and display the award.
  • You must add 7 facts about yourself.
  • You must nominate 5-15 other bloggers and comment on one of their posts to let them know they’ve been nominated.
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First and foremost I would like to thank Books for Fun for that nomination! I don’t need a set or rules to allow me to come out and say that!  It was such a pleasant surprise, as I have seen it on other people’s pages and wondered if I would ever receive one. It really makes me feel like I am part of the blogging community, especially since I still feel like such a newbie to the blogging world. Now enough about lil’ old me. Without further ado:

Seven facts about myself:

1. I grew up in a ex-communist country. Hardcore.

2. I love to bake, but hate to cook.

3. I can’t get enough of romantic comedies; it’s almost a curse and it’s something that drives my boyfriend insane.

4. The first proper novel I read in English was Black Beauty by Anna Sewell. Tough book to follow I’d say.

5. I absolutely, positively, metaphysically, quintessentially, love love love Bernese Mountain Dogs and long-haired Dachshunds.

6. I love to go running. One day I hope to be able to run a marathon.

7. Christmas is my favourite time of year. Buying presents for my loved ones, decorating the tree, skiing and drinking hot seasonal drinks (Pumpkin Spiced Latte say whhhaaatt??!). What can be better?

I nominate the following awesome bloggers out there:

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12. Reckless Indulgence of the Written Word

Can’t wait to read yours!!!

Goldfinch in the News

green_line_faded_with_leaf_smallerFor today’s edition of random news, I have chosen to highlight a particular rumour regarding The Goldfinch. Something about it possibly made into a cinematic feature in the near future. That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Apparently, her other novels were considered for Hollywood films in the past (one was even pushed for back in 2002 by Gwyneth Paltrow!!!). Unfortunately, those were scrapped early on in the process. Can The Goldfinch get Donna Tartt to the big screen? Would be really interesting to see who they choose to play the characters! Anyway, I am clearly just getting carried away here so I will shush up and let you read the article yourself! Would love to hear your opinions regarding this issue!!! Do you think it can be done with quality?

*I do apologize for the rather shanty quality, that’s what owning a iPhone 4 will get you these days!


FIFA football fun!


Hello dear book readers! I have been falling behind reading, but to be fair it was because my friend was visiting me and I would believe it to be weird if I just whipped out my novel and start reading in the middle of our conversation. Now I have no excuses just this small little event that is happening in Brazil. I heard only like 1 billion people watch it or something. From what I recall it’s called like FIFA or something? Just joshin’, it’s a massive event that I have decided to try and follow this year. In a way I have no choice because my boyfriend is obsessed to say the least and since we live together, there is no way of avoiding it. But I am kind of glad because the last world cup that was held in 2010 I followed a bit as well. So this year to get pumped we got the one and only Panini Sticker album:


We have been working on it for quite some time and invested more pounds than I would have liked but finally we have completed a team!!!!!


To be fair we also finished Team Portugal, but I just didn’t photograph it here because I thought it to be excessive. Anyway, I am quite upset that we have not completed the team that I am cheering on; Germany. Although a bit disheartened I am convinced that we can get the whole team before the end of the cup!

Also, if you are still reading this congrats because below is a link to a hilarious video and the whole point of this random day post. It’s done by the comedian Jon Oliver who discusses the FIFA organizations and it’s corruptive ways. A hilarious 13 minutes that will not be wasted I promise you!

What team are you supporting? Any special reason why?