Book Review: The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty


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Published: 2013

This book took me completely by surprise.

I loved this book. I loved it so much that I gave up watching the most recent episode of Suits to finish it.

I enjoyed it so much that after I finished reading it, I kept thinking to myself “I want to keep reading it”. Even after I finished reading it.

Don’t ask me what happened because I was extremely skeptical at the beginning. I feared it was another Lisa Jewel The House We Grew Up In fiasco (I have now realized that I use that book to fully describe when a book is awful by my standard. Dully noted).

But this was so much better. The characters were so intriguing, the plot was riveting and I wanted to read more and find out what happened. As you may have noticed by now, characters are extremely important to me. They can completely ruin a book with a wonderful plot or they can save a book for me. This book wasn’t short of interesting, relatable characters.

It’s full of suspense, completely addictive and intriguing. To be fair, it’s a heavily female character driven book, and so I wonder what a male perspective would have to say about it.

Although it does feel like a soap-opera style drama, it’s written really well. It’s a real page turner that you want to keep reading. There are multiple plots happening at once, but each is easy to follow and they frequently overlap which is super cool because it makes you aware of how small the world really is. It’s similar in layout to J.K Rowling’s A Casual Vacancy, but I must confess I found Moriarty’s book more intriguing, and plot driven, without sacrificing detail into the character’s psychological state.

I can’t say that this book has any spectacular quotes, and it’s far from the literary genius of Oscar Wilde. But it’s a great page turner, and wonderfully entertaining. A definite must read!

Have you read anything by Moriarty? Apparently, she’s got other books too that have gotten good reviews!