Wednesday Wondering: The Reading Utopia



Wednesday Wonderings: A chance for me to muse about anything and everything literature.

For this week’s Wednesday Wondering I am curious to hear your thoughts on your favourite reading spots. I stumbled across is absolutely amazing website of neat bookshops that I wanted to share with you:

From keeping stock in the vaults of a building that was once a bank in Victoria, BC, to combining books with parties in Beijing, everyone has different preference as to where they enjoy picking up a good book and reading (maybe the latter not being as common?).

I have always preferred the reading nook, the little corner away from everything else in the world, the comfy couch to just stretch my legs over and snuggle up to a soft blanket with a good book. I can stay in that utopia for hours. Sadly, I have never really had this idealized nook in my life. It was always either on the bed (which gets pretty uncomfortable after a little while) or sitting behind a chair in the library when I went to school.

In the past I’ve done a lot of reading on my morning train commute to work (which I enjoyed quite a bit at the time as the train took us through the English countryside). It gave me about 45 minutes of peace and quiet before we stoped at the busy station and everyone squishes into the compartment like can of sardines. But let’s be honest, it’s not the same as reading by yourself.

Nonetheless, I think I am getting closer with the most recent move to putting together a proper reading nook! We actually bought a proper bookshelf which fits our books, which has been nice. Unfortunately it’s not big enough as we already have more books then space on the shelf! The next step is getting a comfy chair in there and a proper light! In my future house I will make every effort to re-create this little bit of paradise:


I want to hear of your reading spot utopia. Do you listen to music? Do you need to be alone? Attach a photo if you have found your dream room online!

3 thoughts on “Wednesday Wondering: The Reading Utopia

  1. I loved the pictures of bookshops!! There are many places in my home that I enjoy reading, including my reading room and formal living room. But for some reason I like to read in my car at the park or in any other scenic place.

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