Wednesday Wondering: Ummm, where have you been?



SO, this lovely July Wednesday I find myself wondering. What happened? Where did I go? Why did I seem to drop off the face of WordPress land? I will attempt to answer these question here. I over the past few months I asked myself the these very same questions. Several legit alibis popped into my head.


  1. I travelled back to beautiful British Columbia for over two weeks at the end of April
  2. Prior to embarking on my journey back home I had to prep, pack and catch up with work before taking off on my holiday (and then after getting back too!)
  3. On a daily basis I spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen (not for leisure but for work 😉 )
  4. Feeling the pressure of blogging

I do feel as though the first two defences are pretty legit. I had some “real world” issues to set straight. Before that trip I had not been home for over a year, and that in itself has been a test as I’ve always felt I’ve been very close with my family. Then during my trip home I wanted to spend that precious and rare time with my friends and family. Obviously then, after my 16 day vacay coming back and getting into my old routines was a bit more challenging…

So lets say April-May are legit excuses. So then what happened in June? Do I have a real answer? I am not too sure. I do feel like the pressure of committing to a blog was begin to be too much (does anyone else ever feel this?). I felt myself being forced and pressured into staying on schedule, reading a minimum number of books each month (regardless of the sheer volume of the book or personal matters) and the whole experience was becoming a chore instead of being enjoyable and fun. I did feel myself reading not out of delight but because I needed “to read at least 150 pages from that book to stay on track” or I “needed to start a new book quickly because I still didn’t have a quote for Teaser Tuesday”. That isn’t really what I set out to do on this blog. I set out to connect and continue my passion for all things literature, not create a headache for myself!

That’s not to say that every blog that I’ve ever posted became a chore. Not by any means at all! Majority of the time I really enjoy it (trust me I am not one of those girls that can do something they don’t like for long periods of time), it’s just sometimes life gets in the way and other times one just needs a break.

Moving on to reason number three: I spent a lot of my day starring and typing at a laptop screen. I absolutely love my job, but one of the necessities of it is using the computer for a full working day. That is a lot of expose to the computer screen. Some days just spending another hour looking at the screen, outside the working day, would drive me crazy. Plus, I can’t imagine it’s good for my eyes.

Verdict of my musings and wonderings this Wednesday? Moving forward I want to really try to keep to a regular schedule, but also accept that some weeks it just isn’t going to happen, but not let myself get down about that. I feel like in the past year I have accomplished a lot more than I ever thought possible and looking back on everything that I have managed to publish on this blog makes me feel really proud! i want to keep in contact with the reading community and share my thoughts on book all shapes and sizes!

For those of you who have stuck by me, and have not given up on me despite my absence, I am forever grateful and I hope to not disappoint in the future again! You guys are amazing!

Does anyone else ever feel this sort of ‘blog pressure’, or am I just a strange person? As a blogger do you think you put any pressure on yourself? Did you find anything to combat it?

8 thoughts on “Wednesday Wondering: Ummm, where have you been?

  1. When I’m teaching I find it quite difficult to punch up the screen at home since I’m on it so much at school. Scheduling posts seems to help. One time I managed to get a couple of months logged in. Summer is better when the pressure of grading and lesson plans is off. Try for a mixture of light and meatier posts: a quote then a review or a reflection. That creates interest and change up. It should be fun, not a chore.

    • That is definitely a good idea to schedule posts! That is amazing that you were able to schedule a couple months in advance! I should definitely look into that, thanks for the recommendation.
      Did you do all that work of writing out the reviews over a weekend?

      • I put on a mindless movie and punch in my entries. I have something different for certain days of the month. For instance, poetry is at the end of the month so it’s easy to set up in advance featured poems. It’s kept things fresh for me and helped when I get overwhelmed with grading of a writing project.

  2. Good for you Friendlybookworm. Blogging should be fun, but sometimes life does get in the way and can make us feel like the pressure is on. I’m glad you took time off for yourself. We all need that sometimes. I post reviews for authors and when life takes me away from reading I can feel a little pressure at times. But I remind myself that I just need to do the best that I can, that’s all we can do anyway, and then I go at my own pace. I need to do that so I can focus and write a good, honest review.
    Welcome back!! ( :

    • Thanks so much cozynookbks! It feels good to be back! And it’s so nice to hear that I am not the only one that sometimes feels overwhelmed or stressed at times in the blogging world. You all make it seem so flawless and easy!

  3. I can completely relate to the pressures of book blogging, but it’s so true that blogging and reading should be fun and not feel like an unpaid job. I’m still terrible at signing up for too many read-alongs or adding more books to the pile, but I’m trying to be better at reading with no deadlines or commitments. I also try to have a complete blogging and social media break every 6 weeks or so to keep my sanity. It’s nice to have you back and I hope you find blogging fun again!

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