Life Update


Ooops I did it again. So sorry that I have missed all of last week and have been on a hiatus for about two. Reason? I have moved to a new town in the UK and I have absolutely no wifi/internet in my new home and won’t until about the 13th of October. On top of all this I have had to commute about 2.5 hours to get to work nearly every morning (nightmare!), I have had very little time for myself, and any free time that I do have I try to invest into getting all settled into our new home. So, I think I can get a get out of jail free card right now.

Our new dig!

Our new dig!

Good news is I was a bit more prepared for this coming week as things are starting to settle down. Hence, I have posted my review for My Promised Land and have updated the new book I am reading. I am looking forward to catching up with all your adventures fellow bookworms, I desperately need new book options!


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