Wednesday Wonderings: How do you read?



Wednesday Wonderings: A chance for me to muse about anything and everything literature.

Urgh, immediately after thinking up of the title for today’s Wednesday Wondering my mind immediately went to this:

Like really!? Jesse McCartney?! Bloody hell! Don’t judge. It’s a catchy song. Moving on…

This question popped into my head this week while commenting on a friend’s blog entry.

How do, how do you read? (sorry, last time I promise!)

There are so many different genres, sizes, styles and variations of literary works out there. The first thick book that you read when you were in elementary school and bragged to all your friends, the first classic you read and actually enjoyed, the series that you were most obsessed with in your teenage years, the weirdest book you ever read that scarred for life, the first time your read a book like the Fifty Shades of Gray, the first required reading book in school that you really enjoyed, the book that made you so angry that you can’t forget it even if you want to, the book that had that amazing although not entirely perfect protagonist that you related to perfectly, or how about that book written so well you wanted to track down the author and ask their hand in marriage. On top of all that there are all the books in between.

How do you remember it all?


Many of the books we have read in school I have managed to remember key aspects and themes primarily because we have spent so much time on them. As I would peruse every page I would take careful colour-coded notes on the margins or on sticky pads. We would then dissect every character and action in class, using those carefully outlined notes to create magnificent arguments that proved universal themes. Now, as soon as I finish one I start the next one!

But when you are reading books for fun, do you really have the time to carefully study each page? How about keep track of all the characters (coughGameofThronescough)? What do you mean there are different themes, ‘I dunno what you would call this exactly it’s not one or the other’? Darn it, what page was that amazing quote on again? Why would I ever sit there and study a passage, I aint got the time for that!

SO I employed the “take notes” technique. However, I do most of my reading on the tub on my way to work I struggle take notes on what I am reading when I have about 4 different hands near my face and backs pressed against both sides of my body. Frequently, when I get home I continue reading and it would seem like I missed important passages merely because I was preoccupied with listening for the nasally voice on the speakerphone to mumble my station stop. More often then not brilliant ideas and questions pop into my head while I read a passage, but then vanish unless I write it down immediately leaving me often drawing a blank when I am writing the review.

How do you do it bookworm bloggers? Do you take notes? Do you just have a photographic memory where you can pretty much use the ctrl+F technique in your brain?

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