Wednesday Wonderings: Amazing Books, Where to Find Them?



Wednesday Wonderings: A chance for me to muse about anything and everything literature.

 It seems when you are younger, books just present themselves to you. You read what your mom takes out from the library, what your best friend around the block is reading, you read what everyone in your class is reading, and you pick up books with appealing covers and promise of adventure.

If you carry on with literature in university you read what your professors assign and deem “good” books. Rarely, do you have time outside of the required reading list to stray into some popular fiction or bother re-reading some of your favourite ol’ books. You digest and pull apart every aspect of the book, whether you enjoy it or not, and really live and breath the selected works. You read the classics, Shakespeare, American, dystopian, Victorian and old english.


Then you graduate. The world opens up to you. You no longer spend hundreds of dollars/pounds on required, yet carefully chosen books from your university library. You can read whatever you like. Well, if you find the time.

The choice rests in your hands.

What do you do now? This seems to be my most recent dilemma. As I am flying through my current Reading List I can’t help but figure out where do I go next? Do I use Goodreads? Other blooger’s recommendations? Do I peruse my old syllabuses for extra novels that I never bothered to read? Do I ask my friends what they are reading? Do I research a list of 100 books you have to read before you die? Do I find another random list?


It seems that there is no easy way to determine what books to include or exclude from the infamous reading list. You don’t want to be disappointed or waste your time ploughing through a 1 star book. Your time is precious, and I don’t want to make a mistake of picking up a book that I may not like.

How do you determine what books make it on your list? What books do you absolutely love and recommend I should read?


2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wonderings: Amazing Books, Where to Find Them?

  1. When I look at lists of 100 books I should read, I am usually overwhelmed by all the books on there I haven’t read yet. Or I wonder why there are certain books included and others left off. I would go with a mix of books that you feel you should read, books that are recommended by your friends/family/other bloggers, and books that pop up as recommended reading on Goodreads based on books you’ve already read. Or you can just search for a random word on Amazon or your library website and see what pops up. Sometimes, the search results are pretty funny, but there’s usually something interesting mixed in.

    • Yeah, that is precisely my problem; feeling overwhelmed with large lists. Even on Amazon, I add a book to my basket, which then recommends another book which I look into, add that in, etc. It’s a vicious circle!

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