Book Review: Law, A Very Short Introduction by Raymond Wacks


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Apart from a handful of books, most of my reviews discuss and comment on non-fiction novels. I struggled to rate this book particularly because my other ratings are juxtaposed on the style of books I have previously read, and this one doesn’t fall into any of those categories.

Thus, I have graded it solely on the quality of the writing and the information that is provided to me. I picked this book up because law has always been a subject that has intrigued me, and a part of me will always contemplate going into law school. I just wanted a real overview of law as a subject to see if any particular aspect of it I found especially interesting. I didn’t want to get a law school book particularly because I worried it would overwhelm me with information. So I chose this one.

This book was an absolute pleasure to read, yet it remained informative. It’s structured very nicely, making it really easy to follow. Starting with a general overview with the law’s roots, then diving into the branches, the question of morality and finishing off with the courts, lawyers and the future of law. There are several brief case studies from different centuries which is really neat -from carbonic smoke balls to McDonalds.

There were some really neat things that I have never been aware of before. Particularly that “a company is a legal person with the capacity to enter into contracts, sue and be sued” (66). Also, judges in Hong Kong wear wigs to respect the common law tradition in the UK! See figure below.


Verdict: The author’s diction is flawless. The vocabulary is clear, concise yet engaging. I would definitely recommend it to anyone potentially interested in law, or just curious.

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