Goldfinch in the News

green_line_faded_with_leaf_smallerFor today’s edition of random news, I have chosen to highlight a particular rumour regarding The Goldfinch. Something about it possibly made into a cinematic feature in the near future. That’s right ladies and gentlemen! Apparently, her other novels were considered for Hollywood films in the past (one was even pushed for back in 2002 by Gwyneth Paltrow!!!). Unfortunately, those were scrapped early on in the process. Can The Goldfinch get Donna Tartt to the big screen? Would be really interesting to see who they choose to play the characters! Anyway, I am clearly just getting carried away here so I will shush up and let you read the article yourself! Would love to hear your opinions regarding this issue!!! Do you think it can be done with quality?

*I do apologize for the rather shanty quality, that’s what owning a iPhone 4 will get you these days!


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