Teaser Tuesday (July 8th)


I did not forget not to worry! I am just busy watching Germany beat Brazil in an absolutely unbelievable semi-final match. Crossing my fingers for Germany 🙂


I am absolutely ploughing through The Goldfinch. What an amazingly delicious read. If it was a pastry it would be a rich truffle brownie with extra chocolate sauce and nuts. It started off slow but really picked up after about a hundred pages. The char-no. I must save these comments for the review. This is a mere tester!

Summary: A young teenager’s world is turned upside down after he narrowly survives through a catastrophe, that completely alters life as he knows it. All he has to show for it is a small, captivating painting of a goldfinch.

the goldfinch

“So I kept my eyes shut and tried to remember what I could of the Hart Crane poem, which wasn’t much, although even isolated words like seagull and traffic and tumult and dawn carried something of its airborne distances, its sweeps from high to low; and just as I was nodding off, I fell into sort of an overpowering sense-memory of the narrow, windy, exhaust-smelling park near our old apartment, by the East River, roar of traffic washing abstractly above as the river swirling with fast, confusing currents and sometimes appeared to flow in two different directions.” (356)


10 thoughts on “Teaser Tuesday (July 8th)

  1. Sigh, both my teams are out. But Costa Rica had a great run – my relatives there have been telling me how bonkers the fiesta has been there – the welcome home for the heroes yesterday was apparently a country-wide, all-day hootenanny.
    So looking forward to reading this! Great teaser!-Tania

  2. I definitely need to read this at some point. How crazy was that match? I don’t follow football/soccer but just hearing the updates from my coworkers was intense. Poor Brazil!

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