Review: Risky Issues-A collection of short stories by Lorraine Reguly

It’s been a few weeks since Lorraine Reguly had provided me with a copy of her compilation of short stories and has asked me to write a review on them. I only give honest personal review of this, and the fact that I was provided with the text has no affect over my opinion. *This is a reflection of my personal opinion after reading through them.*

It was a first time that an author has contacted me and asked me to provide a review for their work, and I was extremely humbled and honoured that Lorraine Reguly asked me to do so. The stories are a very quick read, and the entire book is composed of four stories; three main ones and a bonus one. Each other stories deal with very heavy themes, including adoption, narcotics, and sexual abuse. After reading it, I got a sense that the target audience were tweens and/or teenagers and so it wasn’t necessarily the genre of novels that I tend to gravitate toward. But hey, I am not one to discriminate!

I would like to praise the author  for choosing such complex and deep issues. That’s one heavy plate! At the same time, I do feel that the text and themes were simply not expanded to the affect I would have liked. The stories are extremely shorts, to the point where I felt character development was lacking along with plot progression. The reader was not provided with enough information about the main characters to fully appreciate their reactions. I also feel that frequently the reaction of the characters was rushed and very unrealistic (particularly the first adoption story were the entire catastrophic event for the main character is boiled down to a few short paragraphs). I understand that one may not want to read through pages and pages of character descriptions, but I do wish there was a bit of a lead up to climax of the story. I feel like I would be able to emphasize better with the characters.

Having said that, I feel like the writing style itself and diction was appropriate for the audiences. Also, I loved how in the third story, the Lorraine Reguly jumps from one character to another as the plot unfurls. It gave multiple perspectives of the same event which I really enjoyed.

Verdict: Great quick read, good for younger readers. I did feel there was plot fracturing occurring, by which I mean the whole story was too short for the heavy themes it wished to tackle. However, if expanded I can definitely see the stories just being richer.

If you want more information about the author please visit her website:

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