Saturday is reserved for Bookporn


I’ve had the opportunity to traverse many European countries and their cities. From the countryside, to the train station all the way to the heart of cities; I always try and get a very general exposure to the city. Nonetheless, I think everyone has a favourite aspect of the city. My friend Lucy has confessed she loves the town’s parliament buildings, my cousin loves churches with all it’s grandeur and decor meanwhile my guy friends love the pubs and sampling the cuisine along with a pint of local beer. Whatever their preferences are, it’s something that is close to their hearts and what is often the highlight of their trips.


For me it’s probably bookshelves and libraries. Whether it be an ancient castle or beautifully up-kept estate, I can’t help but admire the building’s often grand libraries, with walls completely lined with ancient and priceless books. I love the idea of having an entire room dedicate to literature and the works of my favourite authors. Complete with a cozy couch and a hot cup of Earl Grey tea of course.

So imagine my surprise when I stumbled across this:


I couldn’t believe my eyes!

It was heaven on earth!

So naturally I dedicated a mere 2 hours of my life. Time well spent I believe!


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