Morrocan Hiatus


Hello dear friends!

Sorry for the short little hiatus, I was actually on vacation the past 8 days. In the beautiful, sunny and warm country of Morocco!


Fishing boats in Essaouirra

It was my first time in Africa, and it was such an incredible experience. I just didn’t have the time or laptop handy to write anything on here, so hence the silence from my blog. We managed to cover quite a portion of Southern Morocco, 1,740km in total to be precise. We got to see the Atlas mountain range,

Stunning view of the range

Stunning View of the Mountainous Range

got to go camel riding in the Sahara Desert, and camped there for the night

Camel Trekking

Camel Trekking

the hustle-bustle of Marrakech (which was exactly how I had pictured Flea Bottom from King’s Landing!)

Marrakech storks owning the castle walls

Marrakech Storks Dominating the Castle Walls

and the serene, quiet town of Essaouira

Essaouira Sunset

“Greetings, Sunset”

I can’t believe how many Game of Thrones connections I made during this trip. Aside from many striking resemblances of the across the narrow sea locations, as well as, King’s Landing I couldn’t help thinking about the books. We also visited a city where scenes from Game of Thrones were actually shot back in 2012:

Ait Benhaddou- Game of Thrones was filmed here

Ait Benhaddou- Game of Thrones was filmed here

The good news about my many car rides, train rides, and plane rides was that I was able to keep up with my reading list. So I should be finishing up The Master and Margarita within the next few days. Other goals for this week include finishing/starting the review of One More Thing by B.J. Novak and start-up a Followers’s Bio page.


Basically, I want to get to know the people that are following me better. I have visited your guys’ blogs and you sound really awesome. Anyway, that is work in progress, so while I get that under way I have attached some random photos from my trip below.

Have any of you visited Africa? Or Morocco? Or, have been struck with a place you have visited? 🙂

Cat and Sunset in Essaouira

Cat in the last rays of the sunset


Riding on my Silver

Riding on my Silver


3 thoughts on “Morrocan Hiatus

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  2. Morocco is one of the places that I desperately want to go back to! I was there for a week in 2007 and it was incredible. Completely different than any place I’d ever been before (or since). Marrakech is incredible! We went to Casablanca as well which is less amazing. Next time I want to hit up Fez and Rabat!

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