Royal Windsor Horse Show, Friday


Yesterday I attended the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Yes, I am a horse addict. So it was basically horse heaven for me. There were rows and rows of horsey-related stands selling everything from £690 riding boots and personalized British leather halters. The blue-bird skies promised a sunny and warm day, which was a relief as the Badminton Horse Trials last weekend had horrible winds and rain. The event was held at Windsor Castle, the residence of Her Majesty the Queen, and as you walked onto the grounds you got a spectacular view of the castle from the back.

When I arrived I just caught the end of the show jumping which was so thrilling! I got a great view so it really felt like I was right there on the ground.

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Afterwards, I walked around the grounds and took a peak at the shopping stands, as well as the Cob and Hack competitions. I won’t bore you with details but basically  I also saw the Bahrain Pearl Steaks, where I saw Nick Skelton, John Whitaker and Laura Kraut. This was so amazing for me because I remember watching these champions ride when I was 9-10 years old and to see them in action for real life was truly a dream come true!

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Laura Kraut

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Royal Windsor Horse Show

There was also the Musical Ride of The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment, which was spectacular and have me goosebumps!

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Royal Windsor Horse Show

Anyway, this is my random thought of the day. I just loved yesterday, it was amazing!

My spiel is now over…Hope you all have a fun Saturday!!! PS- Are there any other horse addicts out there?


7 thoughts on “Royal Windsor Horse Show, Friday

  1. Aww… well maybe this year!! Who knows, right?

    And I used to have a Friesian Stallion when I was little (was actually more my uncle’s but we won’t go there haha~) Gorgeous boy. His name was Kalsi. I miss him. 😦

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