This is me…


Lover of of books all shapes and sizes.

Lover of horses, meerkats, giraffes and tigers. Just maybe not all together in one room.

Lover of willow trees, birches, lilacs and blue bells. Those can all be together.

Lover of upbeat music, chocolate and champagne. An encouraged ensemble.

Lover of countries, landscape, most people* and all cultures. I wish my job was to travel the world.

Lover of life. Isn’t that exactly what we get through books and literature, whether fiction or non-fiction? We experience a new life, a different adventure, a new face, a variety of families and friends, a fresh perspective, a foreign land, a myriad of  thoughts. I find the world around me and the people within it extremely fascinating. Over the years, books gave me an opportunity to not only escape into a new world but also experience an adventure I could never partake myself.

This month I am graduating from the University of British Columbia, with a degree in English Literature, and I wish to continue to discuss and analyze new and classic novels with other people interested in literature. I hope to learn from my feedbacks, and experience new genres and just continue to grow as a literary educated civilian. So come join me on this journey, and bring together the literary community one book at a time.

I would love to get to know my followers, so please feel free to add any comments to this post, maybe you like meerkats too?

*- Side note: I say most people because if you are walking at a glacial pace directly in front of me and preventing me from going around you I will not like you very much. Few things will redeem such a crime.


7 thoughts on “This is me…

  1. Aw, thank you! 🙂 Uh, working mostly, and then hopefully saving up to travel a little. I enjoyed travelling when I was younger, butttt… that hasn’t really happened in quite a few years so, yeah. :/

    What about you? Any plans right now? Long-term? Short-term?

    • Yeah I moved to a completely different continent and I am looking for a career here! All about challenging myself and making new friends in this foreign land. 😀

      Traveling is great fun! But if there is one thing I learned about it is I can’t do it continuously for too long, otherwise it loses it’s mystique and I don’t appreciate it that much. But maybe that is just me personally.

      • That sounds amazing! I wish you all the luck in your endeavors and hope you find what you are looking for! 😉

        Your take on travel is something I can definitely agree on, although – if I may – would add that it not only loses its mystique, but it also weirdly becomes sort of tiring. Like, the adventure part of it dissipates and it’s just one big burden. To pack, to get to your next flight/train/cab/etc before you miss it, to figure out the finances, who’s gonna take care of the dog/cat/ferret and the like. Which is why traveling is really not for some people. XD

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